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Painless Non-surgical Micro-current Facelift. Look 5-10 Years Younger!

Painless Micro-current Facelift

Painless Micro-current Facelift stimulates collagen production and lifts your facial muscles back to where they used to be! 

FDA cleared Micro-current technology is proven safe and effective for over 60 years and is similar to a TENS medical device.
NO pain, downtime, redness, swelling, bruising or anesthetic. You CAN look 5-10 years younger, depending on your health and lifestyle.   

100% Customized Facials = Amazing Results

All facials and other treatments are personalized to meet your skin's specific needs.  Healthy botanicals and treatments deliver amazing results!  
Is your skin oily with acne breakouts or do you have aging, dry, flaky skin?  Want to increase hydration, soften creases. look younger ?  

"You CAN look great AND feel great!" ~Linda Leibl

Linda Leibl, Advanced Skin Technology

Committed to quality treatments AND pure, safe products

Are you tired of fine lines, dull and sagging skin?   I founded Advanced Skin Technology in 1993 to help my clients look and feel MORE healthy and youthful. 

We live in a toxic world. Unfortunately, most skincare and makeup products are filled with chemicals that don't actually help, but rather wreak havoc with your health and hormone levels.  Many not only harm your skin, but actually accelerate your aging process!  You and your loved ones are "exposed" to these commonly used damaging substances each and every day. 

Faster, skin-healthy results.  Slow down your aging process and accelerate your youthful results even more with "result-oriented" clinically proven products. We use only the best pure, safe and quality products from certified Swiss formulations since 1975.  To order products immediately, (at retail or wholesale pricing) visit: www.lindaleibl.arbonne.com

Before and After Photos

Real RESULTS.  Click here to view some amazing before and after photos for products, Micro-current face lift and facial treatments. 

Happy clients ...

"I didn’t want a surgical facelift, so you started the painless facial sculpting treatments which tightened my skin.  Linda, I know you’ve been delivering the best results since 1986 with micro-current technology and the purest age-reversing products available.  I have been extremely pleased with your anti-aging results and recommend you to everyone!"  ~  Diane L.


"A Micro-current face lift session with Linda Leibl is sooo relaxing and stress free that I call it my hour of "pure nirvana".  And, for a bonus, the results are awesome!  My skin is even smoother, more lifted and I look ten years younger! I highly recommend a session with Linda Leibl." ~ Alura W.

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